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An agency for women over 40, by women over 40

Hi, I’m Pam Foley, author, entrepreneur, and CEO of AOU Creative.

I created AOU Creative Group to help women-owned businesses build online using SEO, copywriting, branding, and social media. Our clients are frustrated by a lack of conversions and slow sales when they come to us.


We help them find explosive revenue growth and high conversion rates with transformational copywriting done without the hassle of hiring an internal team.


In the mid-2000’s I was a practicing Attorney. I liked the work until the day the Managing Partner told me that I had to sleep with him or be fired.

The next day I began my entrepreneurial journey.

But building a successful law practice took its toll on my family. I started to search for a business that would allow me to earn a living and be a Mom.

Our Founder

I tried real estate, coaching, multi-level sales – all to no avail. The whole time I was searching, I was writing. I even penned an Amazon best-selling book!

Finally, it struck me: This is the business I was meant to build.

In 2014, I opened my agency. Today we are on track to have added $3 million in revenue for our clients.
The best part? My team members are talented people who don’t fit the corporate mold.


Former lawyers, accountants, tech executives – they all chose family over the 9 to 5 office.

I’ve learned that your career doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s for you to be successful.


Now, I get to work with the most innovative, smartest people on the planet; the ones changing the world. And I get to put all of that brilliance and experience to work for you!

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