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How a new corporate culture agency grew social media click-throughs by 400% in 90 days 

By focusing on one offer and refining its message with a brand strategy workshop, GRATITUDESGroup was able to build a clear strategy that includes SEO, social media management, and content. 90 days later, they have increased followers and click-throughs to their website, and have more traffic and appointments for new business. 

In Short:


GRATITUDESGroup is a culture engineering and talent optimization agency based in Atlanta. This powerhouse group of women helps businesses across the nation design a corporate culture that keeps employees engaged and on the job. 

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When Tina, LeeAnne, and Jennifer came to us, they were a business in search of a focus. With vast experience spanning several industries, they had the ability to offer many solutions -- but needed to find the right one to attract clients and grow. 

What we did 

Branding and Messaging Workshop

GRATITUDESGroup is on a mission to change the world through improved employee engagement and retention. The problem is that no one knew that was what they offered since they had recently changed business names, areas of focus, and ideal clients. Before they could start telling their story online and building visibility, they had to get clear on their messaging, goals, and brand. We started with our Brand and Messaging Workshop where the ladies from GG identified:

  • which industries they wanted to target

  • what offers they could create to help their ICP's (ideal client prospects)

  • how they wanted their brand to show up in the world 

  • the story they should tell

When the brand workshop ended, they had a 70-page brand and messaging guide detailing everything they need to know to create content that converts. It's the 1st step for every brand -- and one that is a game changer for businesses ready to niche and grow.​

Found the Perfect Strategy

I’m a big believer in finding the “perfect strategy” for all of our clients. It’s like constructing that “perfect bite” of your meal. It’s got the perfect amount of everything and is super satisfying. Just like you want the perfect bite of salad (little bit of fruit, little bit of lettuce, little bit of crunchy crouton…just me?), you want to find that perfect keyword. For GRATITUDESGroup, that meant designing a strategy that:

  • Identified where on social media their ideal customer hangs out and targeted content there 

  • Selected keywords and phrases that best supported the story of GG while improving search rankings (SEO)

  • Built a content calendar that included blogs and social posts focused on topics most interesting to the people GG wants to reach

  • Set goals and chose metrics to track progress

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The Results

Within weeks, GRATITUDESGroup had increased followers on Linkedin and the click-through rate (the number of people who clicked to the company page) increased by an impressive 400%. And they are just getting started! New outreach campaigns, targeted messaging and engagement are rapidly improving their visibility online. 

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Ready to See What Your Business Can Be?

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