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10 Reasons why SEO and Copywriting go hand in hand

It isn’t a surprise that many business owners think about content marketing, copywriting, and SEO. It also probably will not shock you to hear that they think about these topics separately, but almost never as one thing.

That is a huge mistake that costs these owners time and money.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the term used for the optimization of websites, content and copy so that search engines will find them and rank them (preferably on the first page of search results). Great SEO helps you get organic, or unpaid, traffic and generate leads from your website.

Copywriting is defined by Wikipedia (not always the best source, but a good one for this need) as “the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.” 

You create copy when you post on social media, write a sales page or create any written piece that aims to drive immediate action or sales. It is the action that makes it copywriting.

Content, on the other hand, is another form of written communication. It encompasses written work that is created to offer value, education, inspiration, or to share expertise. Content includes blogs, articles, whitepapers, and even brochures (on- and offline versions). This blog is a piece of content.

To create a successful content strategy, you need all of them to work together – and that is where things can get tricky.


Here are the top 10 reasons why SEO and copywriting go hand-in-hand and what you can learn from the best SEO copywriting services:

It keeps you from wasting time. Creating written content and copy takes work and you want your customers (or potential customers) to read it. Without optimization, that won’t happen.

  1. It keeps you from wasting money. The time that it takes to write content and copy costs your business money. Optimization (in the form of SEO) saves you money as it helps drive people to your content/copy.

  2. It gets you in front of new customers. SEO is intended to “tell” search engines what your written piece is about.

  3. When you use it in copy/content, search engines may choose to rank it so that new customers learn about your business.

  4. It generates revenue. See above! If you want new potential customers to see your content/copy, you must optimize it to be found. Don’t make them work for it — get the information to them and your revenue will grow.

  5. It builds brand recognition. To generate customer loyalty, you have to stay at the top of mind of your people. This means consistently posting optimized content that offers real value to your reader. People are 76% more likely to buy from brands they know.

  6. You can dominate a niche. For every business, there are a limited number of customers to go around. Plenty for everyone, but the number is not infinite. Plus, as I mentioned above, people like to buy from businesses they perceive as the best and brands that they know. Optimized content helps you get more attention online, leading to the ability to dominate in your niche.

  7. You can become a thought leader. Dominating your niche is important for sales – both short and long-term. But to build your brand, being seen as “the go-to” in your industry is key. Content is especially good for this effort, and when it is optimized it gets in front of more people, thus getting it read and you (and your business) seen.

  8. You can increase conversions. SEO can drive traffic to your website. Great content and copywriting keeps them there. The more valuable information for your website visitors – the longer they stay — and the more likely they are to convert into customers. The first step is getting them to the website.

  9. You can use multiple channels to speak to your customers. Optimizing for findability means that you are not only using SEO on your blogs or articles, but also on your product descriptions, your images, your social posts, and more. “Speaking” your message to your customers on multiple channels keeps them engaged and your business at top of mind.

  10. It creates a transformational content strategy. You need a content strategy to build success online. Your content strategy needs to employ SEO, content and copywriting and work across multiple channels. Doing this focused digital marketing can transform your business through increased conversions and revenue in a matter of months.


There are multiple elements to an effective content marketing strategy. The more that you employ, the more likely you can see the transformation that can occur in your business. It takes focus, planning, and time to do well. 

Remember that Google says that it now (reiterated in the June core update) gives weight to customer experience and usefulness as it ranks content and copywriting online. This means that you should create written content that shares valuable information, answers your customer’s questions, and offers solutions to the problems being shared in an online search. 

The moral of the story? Don’t sell all of the time in your content and copywriting. Share value, inspire, and sometimes drive action. 

That and optimize your content and copy for best results online.

Not sure that you have time or energy to create a transformational content strategy? That is the time to consider hiring an SEO copywriter. A certified SEO copywriter can help you create all elements of your communications marketing including both copy and content. 

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