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A short guide on how to write SEO content that ranks on Google

Writing great content is about so much more than just putting words on the page and hoping that someone reads it. 

When creating content, a writer has to consider first the human reader and their desires. Then, search engines and the optimization needed to get their attention comes into play. Together these considerations form the basis of how to write SEO content. 

What is SEO copywriting?

Of course, this is a question that comes up frequently and was the subject of a recent blog. 

SEO copywriting is the marriage of the data science of SEO (search engine optimization) and creative copywriting. 

It is telling a story about your business that will educate and inspire your reader while optimizing using tools such as keywords and structured data to tell the same story to Google (and other search engines) crawlers.

How to write SEO content

Writing great SEO content starts..of course…with great writing skills. Without great writing, there is little need to add SEO optimization to your work.

Before we jump into SEO content writing techniques, it is helpful to remember that Google has now made the user experience of your content and website a vital part of its search result algorithm and rankings.

This means that when you are learning to write SEO content, you must first..and always…keep your human in mind.

Here are a few tips to get you on the path of how to learn SEO copywriting:

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