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Email marketing makes more sense than you think

Email is one of those things that everybody loves to hate. But, it is also one of the most effective tools you can have in your content marketing strategy.

Did you know that email marketing can be up to 40 times more effective than other content marketing like social media? It’s true, based on the results of a recent McKinsey & Company study.

People open their inboxes up to 15 times per day.  As a business owner, it is essential that you use this tool to attract customers and build your brand. But how do you create an email that isn’t annoying and that your ideal client actually wants to read?

Follow these 5 steps:

  1. It all starts with the headline. The main job of your headline is to attract the attention of your reader and pique their interest enough that they click to open the email. A great headline tells the story of your email, without giving away the ending. Think of it as the trailer to the movie of your email.

  2. If the headline gets the attention, the first lines keep them interested. In school, they often told us to start essays with a thesis statement. Not as formal for emails, but tell readers what they can expect in your email in the first sentence. 

  3. Give them the goods in the body. An email isn’t a blog or an ebook. Keep it short and to the point. Give people valuable information or actionable tips that they can use right away. This is where you can not only be helpful but can share stories that inspire your audience to think of you as the go-to person in your niche.

  4. Don’t forget the CTA! A call to action is essential in every email you send. There needs to be a point for sending the emails (for your business). The call to action needn’t be “buy now,” but it does need to offer the reader a chance to do something when they read your email.

  5. Finally, it is important to ask for engagement in the email. Maybe ask a question or say “I’d love feedback,” but asking for readers to engage starts a conversation that can lead to sales.

Email is the O.G. of marketing. Not as flashy as social media or as cool as the latest trend on TikTok, but among the most effective ways for business owners to get their message to their customers at every point on the buyer’s journey.

Two of the best reasons to create an email marketing strategy are:

  1. People on your email list chose to be there 

  2. Email addresses are gold, unlike social media you own your list

Emails can be sent daily, weekly, or even as a newsletter monthly. The important part is that you create a consistent schedule that your readers can follow. 

Ready to jump into the world of email marketing? Follow the steps above and you’ll have valuable insights that will keep your list engaged. Better yet, follow this blog to be sure to get the latest tips on how to improve your online marketing results. 

Find out when you should hire an outsourced marketing agency or build an internal team for your email campaign in our blog post!


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