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I created a 1-page website and my conversions skyrocketed

In websites, as with really just about everything in these times, simplicity matters.

No one has the time or energy to scroll through pages and pages of text looking for answers to their questions.

It’s why search engines now feature question-based snippets in every search result. And why websites that require more than 3 clicks to get to the information a viewer needs are penalized in results.

Full confession. Until relatively recently I had a website that had 10’s of pages and few conversions.

Pretty typical, but not great when you are in the business of SEO copywriting and communications. 

After some research about what is happening in websites that convert in 2021, I adjusted the style of my site, cut back on the text-filled pages….and the phone started ringing.__


Not ready for an overhaul but looking to convert more? Here are the 5 exact things you need to do to simplify your website:

  1. Update your homepage so that from the moment someone comes to it they know exactly what you do and how you can solve their problem. Cleverness is great, but if I can’t tell that you can help me instantly…I’m likely moving on to your competitor’s site. Remember, your ideal client doesn’t want to work to learn from you.

  2. Understand what your ideal client is searching for and use your content to answer their questions. I know that you’ve heard that you have to know your ideal client 1000 times, but it is truer than ever. Don’t waste your time being all things to all people…talk to the people who are likely to buy from you. Share info with them that can be helpful. 

  3. Talk to your clients with your website content. This is different from talking about them, this is talking to them (or for them). This is a really hard concept for many content creators. It’s about creating real authenticity and connection with your reader. Let them get to know you and they will be loyal to you when it comes time to buy.

Keep your pages simple to navigate. Your clients won’t click more than a few times to find the information they need on your website. Be sure that everything you want to share on your site is reachable from your homepage in only 3 clicks. Any more than that and your conversions drop dramatically – plus search engines (think Google!) will penalize you in search results. 

This last tip is all about speed. Your site – both desktop and mobile (especially mobile) – needs to be super fast to load. Your website should fully render (all images and text) in 3 seconds. More than that and it will feel slow and even dated (research shows that people make decisions on things like relevance in nanoseconds). Fix this by updating your site, compressing images, and getting rid of unused/old pages.

These tips will help you get your website to where it needs to be in 2021. Skipping these updates will increase the chance that your work is pushed to the bottom of search results and make it difficult for people to find you online.

Don’t take the chance of being left behind.

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