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The First Look: What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

Updated: Aug 4

When someone sees your logo, what do you want them to think of? The logo you choose for your company is a representation of your company brand. It is used to differentiate who you are and symbolize what your brand stands for to your audience. A logo has the capacity to take on various forms over the years, but one element should hold true and that is to inspire those who see it to take action.

Whether our team is working with a client on a re-brand or starting from scratch, there's important steps we take before reaching a final product. Our goal first and foremost is to listen to the client. Our team wants to hear what you want in a logo, and if possible to see images that inspire you.

If you're in the process of discussing the design of a new logo for your new or existing business, here’s some steps to consider when getting started. Five Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

1. Create a cohesive look. Your logo should be able to stand alone from other company collateral and remove your business name. Your audience should be able to see the color palette and elements of your logo and easily identify who it belongs to because it goes with your company style guide.

2. Tell A Story - Your Story. While you won't be able to or want to tell your entire company history with a logo, you can tell a story. Use this as an opportunity to gather a key group of individuals from your business to list off what each person values about the company. Various brainstorming sessions and conversations may lead to a unified answer.

3. Don't Rush It. The creative process for anything is important, but especially this one. Companies often rush this step to check one more thing off a to-do list. You should be mindful of the time and effort put into creating the logo. After all, it is something that hopefully you use for many years to come.

4. Hire A Professional. There are many tools available to go it on your own to create a logo and brand identity. Working with a trained designer will open up your thought process and lead you to designs you may not have explored. They know the right questions to ask and how to take your vision and words to create a logo that is uniquely your own.

5. Play Tag(line). Consider your company values and the message you want someone to grasp from seeing your logo. How can you add depth and information to it with a tagline? The tagline is an opportunity to use a few words to captivate your customer and explain your company.

Our team of expert strategists, writers and designers would love to be a part of your company's brand strategy. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more about AOU Creative Group and what it takes to make your brand visible click here to schedule a conversation.

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