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The top trends happening in content marketing now

There are a ton of things happening in the world of content marketing and digital strategy right now. The pandemic — and the shift it created for businesses – has led to folks moving much of their marketing online. Not only that, but new innovations are appearing that could change the landscape for those in business and in the business of marketing.

Here are a few of the top trends that I see happening – ones that you should consider adopting now and ones that may be in the future.

Trends to consider::

Trend #1: The first one to think about adopting is Ai (artificial intelligence). If you are the owner of a very small business or a solopreneur, you might consider using tool to help you with things like choosing blog titles, creating social media posts, writing landing pages, or headline creation. Many of the services are fairly low cost and they can help if you need to create content and don’t want to hire a professional writer. We use for some social media content (try it out here:

Why not jump right into using Ai? Copywriting ai tools are great for helping you to get started or away from writer’s block. What it isn’t great at is creating content that is more than just for SEO. Remember that content should be created for both the search engines and for a human reader. It’s a helper, not a substitute for your own writing.

Trend #2: Take the time it takes to recreate your LinkedIn profile and use the platform to build your brand and your business. For a long time, social media was either seeing posts of what your cousin had for dinner or what the latest influencer was wearing this week or a listed out resume on LinkedIn that was less interesting than that dinner photo. Not anymore! Your LinkedIn profile should tell your story, and speak to your ideal target audience. It should be interesting and it should drive people to schedule time with you (rather you are selling products, services, or yourself).

Why not jump into the LinkedIn trend? None! Do it! A bonus tip is to post or share a post at least once per day to keep the algorithm interested in you. This will also get your information in front of those that matter to your business more often than not.

Trend #3: The last trend to talk about today is the move to multi-channel marketing. Think of this type of strategic marketing as a “machine gun” approach to getting your content in front of the people most likely to buy from you. Again, this works for every type of business. In this case, businesses are beginning to understand that their people aren’t only seeking information in one place. This means that for most of us, you should create content for social media (including LinkedIn), write blogs/articles that you can share on your website (and maybe even other sites), do some traditional networking (we will talk about this more later) and reach outs (this is not cold calling — it’s relationship building).

Why skip this trend? Time and fear for most of us. The sheer amount of content that a multi-channel approach can seem daunting. The good news here is that it doesn’t have to be. Like a chair that you bought at a flea market, you can repurpose your content across several marketing channels. 

There are many other trends happening in the world of marketing right now – but these are the top ones that most small businesses can take advantage of at this time. Which ones are you following?

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