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Why it makes sense to use a woman-focused marketing team

What do women want?

Even as a woman, I can say that’s a loaded question. When it comes to women in business, I will say the answer is to be heard. As we say at AOU Creative Group, someday it won't matter if a business is owned by a woman or not. Until then, you need a team who will be your growth partner in building online visibility. As a female entrepreneur, it matters that you have experts who understand how to create and execute a successful marketing plan, but also understand how much harder you work as a woman to stay ahead of the curve.

How we do this for you.

Get you out of your own way. It’s in our DNA as women to juggle multiple tasks and want to speak to everyone. This scatter-approach to business where we want to be everything to everyone, is more often than not a damaging point of view for the success of a company. From the onset of our client relationship we begin with a full brand strategy workshop where we help you define your ideal client and your best message. As a team of mostly women, we understand where you’re coming from in your initial thinking, and as some of the top creative copywriters and strategists in this space, we also know how to map it out in a way that works.

Bring focus. Women are nurturers. We want to customize and bring something special to each client we work with. There’s a lot of masculine energy in data collection and really walking the balance of the science of data and the numbers and the creativity and art of persuasive copywriting. During the process of establishing your brand and messaging, we help to marry these two processes to make it less about fluffy stories and more about getting your target audience to take the actions you want them to take. It can be hard to gain visibility when there is no clarity in what truly differentiates your business. That’s where we work with you to niche down and focus.

Lean in. In the past year, we’ve leaned into partnering with clients who are service-based, mission-driven, female-owned businesses. Why have we done this? Because that’s who we are too. When you get to know us, our hope is that you see us as a friend. People like you who are doing things similar to you. We’ll talk about goals, dreams, how you got to where you are, and why you’ve chosen the mission you’ve carrying out. Our conversations will bring light to the superpower that is your brand and establish how to convey it in a way that is unstoppable.

We understand you. When you are a woman-owned business working with another team of women, you can be confident that this group “gets” you in a way that a large agency or non-specific marketing team would. Seth Godin put it perfectly when he said, “People like us do things like this.” He illustrates the need for us to do similar things as those we want to be like or to associate ourselves with others who understand us in a way no one else currently does. When you want to be seen, it means letting in people who already see you and working together to help you shine. This is where AOU Creative Group excels.

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